The Mentalakademie Europa stands for:

  • Established in 2003, we were the first mental training academy in Austria, Germany, Italy (Southern Tyrol) and Switzerland.
  • We are known as conveyors of knowledge in the area of mental training.
  • We believe in proven programs, but remain innovative at the same time.
  • We constantly improve the quality of our programs.
  • We see our course participants as magnificent people who are on a path to apply their mental knowledge and capabilities to themselves – and to the world around them.
  • We are gender-neutral and assure equal opportunities for women and men in all areas of planning and decision-making, which is in accordance with European legal principles.
  • We educate male and female mental trainers in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge, so that after graduation they are able to independently develop and hold seminars in mental training within the framework of their legal regulations.
  • We see our purpose to serve as instigators of the personal and mental development of all course participants.
  • Our collaboration and our dialog with students is informed by a high level of tolerance and mutual respect.
  • Graduates of the Mentalakademie have been well-trained; they are client-oriented, innovative and committed.
  • Graduate mental trainers have the opportunity to pursue continuing education through ongoing programs offered by the Mentalakademie, or to specialize and become qualified as mental trainers for children, athletes, etc.
  • Regular reviews and appropriate commitments to continuing education guarantee continuous quality improvement.
  • We offer the highest quality at a very reasonable cost. Our prices include all costs, fees and taxes. Study materials, extensive scripts and protocols, as well as certificates and credentials are included in the cost of our courses. With the exception of hotel, food and drink, no other costs apply to our course participants.
  • Our Value SystemThe Mentalakademie Europa has developed a Code of Value-Orientation and Ethics which applies to the Mentalakademie, its trainers, and its clients as a basis for operational ethics.



Herann Krottenmaier

Hermann Krottenmaier
Founder and CEO Mentalakademie Europa
Owner and general manager MENTAK Aus- und WeiterbildungsGmbH


Renate Krottenmaier

Renate Krottenmaier
Director MENTAK Aus- und WeiterbildungsGmbH

Gutenacker 28
8543 St. Martin i. S.

Tel. +43 (0)3465 20 6 97


Contract partner for courses offered to English speakers:

Bettina Gordon-Wayne

Bettina Gordon-Wayne

243 10th Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

Tel. +1 917 882 7762


The Instructors of the Mentalakademie Europa

All instructors of the Mentalakademie are professionally educated trainers with considerable experience in mental strength training. They approach their course participants with the philosophy of the Mentalakademie – with attention and respect.

We see ourselves as instigators and companions along our course participants‘ path to personal development, with emphasis on creating holistically confident personalities. We offer you a stable, secure framework for experimentation and the immediate implementation of initiatives.

We impart mental strength knowledge at the highest training level, yet easily understandable, experience-based and practical.