Q:   What is mental strength training?

Mental strength training has been widely used in top professional sports, and is now gaining traction in the business world, as well as in the work with children, for example. Mental training is the best tool available to deal with personal and professional demands as effectively as possible, by learning to control your thoughts and shift your focus away from the negative.

Through this process, these limiting behavior patterns and thoughts, (which block personal success and create negative pressure), are replaced with effective strategies. Mental training is an aid to self-help. It is based on the latest knowledge in the fields of psychology and brain research, and combines techniques from autogenic training, happiness research, meditation and hypnosis.

Q:   Why is it so important to consciously control my thoughts?

Scientists estimate that two-thirds of our thoughts are insignificant and fleeting and are basically a waste of energy. One quarter of all thoughts are destructive and negative, and only 3% are constructive, helpful and positive.

As these statistics show, negative thoughts in our daily life are much more common. When we consider that negative thoughts are stronger than positive ones, it is easy to see that it should actually be the other way around: 3% negative and 25% positive thoughts. This switch alone would mean a significant improvement in the quality of our lives and our happiness.

The point is this: Our thoughts and feeling are the building blocks of life. Negative thoughts create negative feelings and attract negative experiences. Positive thoughts create positive feelings and attract positive experiences. You can use your thoughts either for or against yourself

Q:   If I don’t want to be controlled by my negative thoughts, how do I begin to control them?

Become aware of how much time you spend every day dwelling on things you do not want. This occurs in the form of negative thoughts, negative fantasies, memories of horrible things, conversations with others about scary events, or by reading the newspaper or listening to the news, etc.  Pay attention to how much your joy of life fades when you stay focused on undesirable things, and how many negative experiences you attract as a result of your inner attitude.

Be aware that your thoughts have far-reaching effects on your life – your thoughts become words, your words become feelings, your feelings become behaviors. Behavioral patterns become habits that shape your character. Character shapes destiny and life. Take care of your destiny and your life by paying attention to your thoughts. If you want to lead a life of happiness, love, and success, begin with your thoughts and steer them onto a predominantly positive track.

Q:   Is the quality of my thoughts connected with my physical well-being?

Every thought is part of a large network within the human body. Every thought is directly registered by each of our 50 billion cells. Every thought has an effect inside and radiates outward. Often, the expression on a human face provides clues as to that person‘s negative or positive attitude towards life.
Bodily messengers, hormones and neuro-transmitters control our bodies and our health, our sense of well-being and our performance capabilities. Every positive thought has a good influence on our health and our emotions; every negative thought has a bad influence on our health, our well-being and our mood.  The number and quality of our thoughts determine our health, happiness, contentment, success and illness. We are personally responsible for our thoughts and the consequences of our thoughts.

Q:   What about our sub-conscious thoughts and beliefs, which most of us carry around since our childhood, such as “I’m not lovable“, “I’m incapable“, “I don’t deserve this“? Can these beliefs simply be erased?

Every human being develops their own beliefs about themselves, about others and about the world as a whole. These individual belief systems are formed mostly on the basis of just a few – but emotionally burdensome – experiences which are mostly negative and false. As long as these conscious or sub-conscious beliefs control our actions and our experiences, we will always find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot, thereby ensuring that our beliefs become a “self-fulfilling prophecy“.

If we want a healthier, happier and more successful life, we need to change our belief systems in many areas – and we do that with focused mental training which will also bring sub-conscious thoughts into consciousness so that we can change them. This does not happen overnight, but little by little it is certainly possible to change our belief systems, values and convictions.

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