General Business Terms

MENTAK Aus- und WeiterbildungsGmbH.

In this respect, personal names in information Lehrgangs- or registration documents are given only in the form of gender, women and men are addressed in the same way.

Applications to open training opportunities:
To be able to offer to our trainings and seminars high quality, the number of participants is almost always limited. It is therefore necessary that you sign up as soon as possible in writing by fax, e-mail or via the registration form on the website.

In fulfillment of the entry requirements and – if provided – after attending an informal introduction / selection workshop, we will send you an invoice with payment slip for payment of training fees.

With payment of the fee by the deadline, we reserve for the training course. We ask for your understanding that we share with non-timely deposit the allocated training places to people on the waiting list.

If training is already fully booked, you will receive in any case a place on the waiting list. We will notify you in this case immediately after release of a training course.
The training posts on the home page are exempt from VAT gem. § 6 (1) Z. 11a UStG 1994. Not included in the post room and board. In DE, IT and CH which there valid VAT is added.

Withdrawal and cancellation:
Written declarations are binding. A withdrawal or cancellation must also be in writing.

In case of cancellation until 30 days before the start of training are no costs for you. We transfer the total paid amount back to you.

In case of cancellation after we charge for higher education lasts no longer than 1 semester, a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the training fee.

In higher education lasts longer than 1 semester, fall at a cancellation before the start of training on the posts for one semester as a cancellation fee.

Has the training started, the resignation from the training contract is not possible until from the 3rd semester. As a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining semester fees will be charged.

Non-attendance of a training we have to ask the entire training contribution invoiced.

If you name a substitute participant, we will charge no cancellation fee.
Training regulation:
We reserve the cancellation of the seminar, at a too low number of participants (less than 6 participants) before up to 8 days before the seminar begins. We endeavor to offer alternative dates. However you get to your desired the amount paid back. If one training seminar due to illness of the trainer, force majeure or other unforeseeable events are not entitled to the implementation. A claim for compensation for travel and accommodation expenses and loss of working hours does not exist. For indirect damages, in particular loss of profit or third party claims we are not liable.
Conditions of Participation and Liability:
The participants attend the events of Mental Akademie own responsibility and may be made of possible consequences no demands on Mental Academy derived.

The type of training is carefully prepared according to the current technical knowledge and carried out. For advice given and the utilization of the knowledge acquired, we assume no liability.

We reserve the right to exclude participants that harm by their conduct our reputation as a guest in foreign regions from the program of events. The resulting early departures are charged to the customer.
Privacy and Data Use:
The participants in the training courses consent to processing of their personal data for the purposes of the course and examination processing and sending of information related to their professional development. The data will not be disclosed to third parties.
For training, the presence of all course events for the successful completion is mandatory. Should individual course events are missed, they can – if places are available – will be made up in the next courses, or the content of training to be developed in a different form, in consultation with course management. An interruption of the training is possible only with the prior approval of the Academic Director.
Copyright protection:
Training materials, which are made available to the participants may be not be reproduced without our consent from these and passed on to other persons or course spread.

Jurisdiction for Mental Academy Austria is exclusively Graz.
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