Europe’s Largest Training Institute for Mental Strength


Since its founding in 2003, the Mentalakademie Europa has set the highest standards in quality and integrity with its broad range of training offerings. We are Europe’s first and largest mental strength training academy, and we offer our courses in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and starting in 2016 also in the United States.

The coursework in mental strength consists of a variety of fundamental principles and techniques that positively influence and change behavior patterns and hardened thought processes. We provide course participants tools, which can be applied immediately to your professional, as well as personal life.

We work on a holistic basis and see body, mind and soul as a single entity. It is our goal to develop the existing, and especially the unused potential, of our course participants.

People who went through our training end their coursework as fully dedicated and qualified mental trainers who can apply their new capabilities to their own lives, as well as the lives of others. A diploma is issued after the successful completion of our training.

Diploma holders of the Mental Trainer Course (which is the basis for all further coaching options), have the opportunity to enroll in additional courses to become mental coaches for business, sports, children, and of course, your own personal life.

The mental strength training by the Mentalakademie Europa is officially recognized as a coaching method in Austria, and is also offered by our trainers in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. So far, the courses were offered to German and Italian speakers. Beginning in 2016, our mental strength training courses will also be held in English and conducted in Europe, as well as the United States.

Bettina Gordon-Wayne

For further information regarding mental training for English speakers, please contact our graduate mental trainer Bettina Gordon-Wayne at

We invite you to experience our well-grounded training as a mental strength trainer. Mindfulness and esteem are not just terms used in a brochure – we live them every day, and we are pleased to pass them on to others!

Hermann Krottenmaier
Founder and CEO